Workers' Compensation

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The physicians and staff at Orthopaedic Associates of Wausau provide treatment for a wide-range of work related injuries including: fractures, dislocations, over-use injuries, crush injuries, and amputations.

We are committed to a quick recovery and achieving the best possible outcomes for work-related injuries and conditions. We understand the importance and challenges of workers’ compensation injuries and are committed to provide patients, employers and case managers with excellent, personal service by providing a Workers’ Compensation Specialist.

We Offer:

  • Same day appointments / No referrals needed
  • Collaborative Teamwork
  • Concise, efficient and expedited reporting
  • Conservative measures prior to surgical recommendations
  • Timely return to work efforts

Helpful Hints for Scheduling an Appointment:

Click the link for helpful information regarding workers’ compensation insurance claims.

Insurance Claims

Click the link for Workers’ Compensation New Patient Information form. Print it, complete it and bring it along to your first appointment.

Workers’ Compensation Form

We believe that returning patients to work after an injury is imperative for their health and Well-being. We are committed to comprehensive care and provide education to our patients in proper mechanics, ergonomics and post-injury rehabilitation. Call us today to see how we can expedite your care and promote overall healing!

How do I know which doctor to see?

All of the providers at Orthopaedic Associates of Wausau see workers’ compensation patients. Click the link to meet our providers, see what they specialize in and what conditions they treat. Still have questions? Call us…we will help you find the right provider for you!

Orthopaedic Provider Directory

Quick Links:

Please visit State of Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development website for additional work comp information.

Dept. of Workforce Development

Frequently Asked Questions

Your role is the most important! First and foremost, follow the advice of your healthcare team by being compliant with your restrictions and your plan of care…both at work and at home. Be aware that studies show that the sooner you return to work, the quicker your overall recovery is. We will allow you to return to work, with necessary restrictions, as soon as possible. Keep your insurance adjustor up to date with your current medical and return to work status. This will help them in determining your workers’ compensation benefits.

Your provider’s role is to appropriately treat your injury, determine your physical capabilities and restrictions and document your progress in healing. Your provider will determine your restrictions at each appointment and provide you two copies of your written restrictions…one for your records and one to give to your employer. These restrictions apply when you are at work AND at home.

The role of your employer is to accommodate the restrictions that were determined by your provider. If they are unable to do so, they may make the determination to keep you off work.